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Leaf Removal

What's not to love about all the fall changing colors you may ask. Well if you're a property owner you know the answer is the falling leaves! Falling leaves may cause awe, but they come with many headaches too; Clogged gutters, rotting leaves, pest problems and slipping hazards to name a few.
Green & Groom Landscape & Lawncare can help you deal with these and other fall inconveniences, and we can keep your landscape and lawn free of leaves. Our team is reliable and we will leave your property looking great while making it safe for everyone.

Spring & Fall Clean-Up

Leaves are not the only trouble makers, there are other debris that may cause headaches throughout the whole year, and our team is prepared to help you deal with them as well. If you have broken branches just laying around or other type of spring or fall debris, we'll pick them up and leave your property looking clean and beautiful.

Rain Gutter Cleaning

Fall is the worst time of the year for rain gutters. Leaves clog them constantly and under some circumstances like on rainy days, these leaves may become too heavy and break them. If your rain gutters tend to get clogged, make sure you unclog them as soon as possible. A clogged gutter may lead to additional issues, some very expensive ones like water damage and damaged roof tops.
When water accumulates, it tends to weight gutters down and water will always find a way out, or sometimes in your house or behind your walls, which then becomes a bigger issue that requires the help of a professional. Don't let this happen to your property and call the experts at Green & Groom Landscape & Lawncare and let's get your rain gutters and downspouts clean again.

Key Benefits Of Our Rain Gutter Cleaning Service

Prevents Water Damage from occurring To Your Home

A leading cause of structural damage are clogged gutters. Gutters are intended to channel water off the roof and away from your home and its foundation, however if the gutter system is compromised by debris, it won't do its job and contribute to water damage issues. A blocked gutter can cause roof leaks that can damage your ceiling, your walls, your floor, your fascia board, and other parts of your building.

Gutter Cleaning Eliminates The Nesting Place Of Pests

Rotting leaves and other fallen debris may serve as nesting and breeding places for pests like rats, mice, insects, birds, and mosquitoes that may carry the deadly West Nile Virus. They may also lead to mold and fungi build up and crate allergy issues. Blocked gutters give your property an unsightly appearance.

Extends Your Roof's Lifespan

Rain gutters are a very important part of your roofing system, and when compromised, it may lead to issues and cause roof damage. During winter, clogged gutters trap ice, thereby adding unnecessary weight and stress on your roof. When water freezes, it expands and may shift shingles apart, rot part of the roof and create water leaks.

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