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Thank you for considering Green & Groom Landscape & Lawncare for providing your lawn with the care the maintenance it needs! Whether you need lawn mowing, mulching, shrub trimming or seasonal clean-up services, we are experts and can provide you with exceptional services. We have years of experience and we have the training and expertise that many homeowners lack, and we are affordable!

We can provide you with both commercial and residential lawn care and maintenance services, and many other landscape-related services. We've learned through personal experience what home owners have come to expect from landscaping professionals, and we will always meet or exceed your expectations. We can provide you with a free estimate before we perform any work, and we can provide you of our services all over central Indiana. We cover cities such as Indianapolis, Greenwood, Fishers, Carmel, Anderson, Avon, Indina, Noblesville, Westfield and Zionsville. Contact us today!

Porfirio Cruz Lopez - Owner

8 Mowing Tips for a Healthy Lawn

Avoid Scalping Grass

Sharpen Your Mower Blade

Avoid damaging the grass blades by sharpening your mower blade, otherwise you will create openings for pests and diseases to enter it and kill it or make it look unhealthy. Avoid mowing over branches or very tall grass and sharpen your blade a few times during the peak season. Consider purchasing an extra mower blade, so that you always have a sharp blade at the ready.

Adjusting Your Mower Height

Give your grass a better chance at staying healthy during the summer by adjusting the height of the blade. Taller grass develops deeper roots, making it more resistant to droughts. Tall grass will cover the soil better and keep it moist. When winter comes, cut it shorter to avoid snow mold from forming.

Practice Grasscycling

There are major benefits from grasscycling, which pretty much means you're recycling the cut grass to fertilize it. Grass clippings can provide up to 25 percent of your lawn's fertilizer needs. It simple. Just mow your lawn and don't pick up the grass that you just cut. You might want to replace your current mower blade with a mulching blade and make it easier for it to decompose.

Avoid Mowing Pattern

Mow in Shade

Mowing or watering during the heat of the day is not only bad for your health and your pocket, but it's very damaging for the lawn too! The act of mowing itself creates great stress on grass and it will make it harder for it to recover. Try to mow your lawn early morning or late in the evening, this way the heat won't take a toll on you, your lawn and your pocket.

Avoid Wet Hillsides

If part of your lawn is on a slope, even a small one, make sure you don't mow while it's wet! It's not only unsafe for you, but it can be very damaging to the grass since you put more pressure on it to get a good grip. If the ground is wet, wait for it to dry completely and consider mowing across the slope or using a string trimmer.

Use a Battery-Powered Mower

Go green! Battery powered mowers can be a great option for average lawns. It can lower your emissions and it will get the job done. Mow your lawn regularly so that the grass doesn't get too tall. Tall and wet grass will shorten the life of a battery and this can be an inconvenience unless you have an extra one. Remember that you have the option of hiring a professional team such as ours!